Arcade cabinets for sale. Arcade retro game consoles.

We make custom bespoke arcade cabinets. The idea started with only one cabinet for rent in events in Vilnius and Kaunas. But soon there was interest from our clients to own some cabinets in office. So we made a few. And we could make it for you too.

We manufacture these cabinets ourselves. So we could even change console design, make custom graphic design stickers with your logo and corporate identity.

Retro game consoles could be manufactured only on demand. Core functionality:

  • 2 parts cabinet. From laminated plywood (18mm). Height is 182 cm. And about 70cm wide and 70+30 cm length.
  • Computer: Raspberry pi with addons
  • Controllers with buttons and 2 joysticks. there are several options but we almost always use with RGB lights (the color is from button casings
  • Monitor. ~21 inch
  • Audio speakers with amp.
  • Other things and addons: locks, furnishings, organic glass monitor cover, led bar strips for logo, electricity transformer,
  • Custom design stickers on all cabinet.

Price could change depending on materials, addons, quality needed, custom design, changes, etc. But Its about 3 500 Eur + VAT + transportation fees.

Also it could be many addons and improvements:
  • Custom led bars on the back.
  • Coin acceptor. There is a lot less games with coins/li>
  • Beer/drink holders
  • Subwoofer in bottom cabinet
  • beer/drink fridge in bottom cabinet
  • Bottom cabinet could have front door (or no door) and shelfs for board games, advertising material. etc.
  • Many other addons, things. custom sizes. Connection to TV.